Brooklyn Photographer Sabrina Thompson Reminds Us that Marriage Rocks

Sabrina Thompson is an amazing photographer and visionary who creates positive imagery through her online campaigns The Social Series, to combat the continuous negative images that populate mainstream media. In June, she released her campaign on black fatherhood, titled Fatherhood Is… Her project celebrating fathers was touching and inspired me to reflect on my relationship with my own father here.

Sabrina’s recent campaign highlights the beauty in marriage featuring couples that were married 10 yrs or more. If you were skeptical of marriage before, this campaign will definitely change your mind. By the end of the video, I found myself shedding a few tears because of the true beauty of love that was presented in the images.  Through her images, Sabrina reminds us that it is okay to celebrate love, in fact, we need to do so more often.

When Sabrina began her casting call for this campaign, I knew I had to nominate my parents, Karen and Garry, as an exemplary married couple. On August 13th my parents celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary, which is a true testament that marriage can work. Before my parents began dating, they knew it was important to take the time to build a foundation of trust in their relationship. Even when they do not see eye to eye, their commitment to each other never fails. I asked my dad to define marriage and he discussed the power of a unit.  He told me that marriage is the act of two individuals becoming a single unit with shared responsibilities. He said marrying my mom completed him because she helped him become the man that he is now. My mom told me it is important to remember that marriage is hard work, but the lifetime companionship makes the struggles in marriage worth it. My brother and I are blessed to witness our parents’ love, support, and respect for each other.  Thank you Sabrina for this stunning portrait!

marriage is...the deans

You can learn more about all of the lovely couples here. Also learn more about Sabrina Thompson and her company, KUU Photography here.


‘Beauty’ Exhibit by Erinn Cosby

Erinn Cosby, daughter of Bill Cosby, is a photographer that travels the world to capture global beauty.  In her most recent exhibit, Beauty, she sought to capture the every day lives of women and children in the Diaspora. Her exhibit is open now in Philadelphia in conjunction with the 29th Annual Celebration of Black Writing and will end by the end of May. Since I am returning to Philadelphia mid-May, I definitely plan to check out her work in person. Here are a few pictures from her exhibit and I will include a couple links to an audio interview with Ms. Cosby and an in depth article about her exhibit.