This story literally made me shed some tears., mainly because I am a huge advocate for arts education.  As a child, I’ve been blessed with attending schools that supported the arts. I lived in a city, Philadelphia, that has a huge hand in music, dance, film, and art. I even attended a performing arts school.  It breaks my heart when I learn that art programs lose funding or school districts stop teaching art classes because I understand the importance of arts education. Kids need more than test prep to become a well rounded student. They also need creative avenues to learn to express themselves and use their imaginations. That’s why I support the principal of Orchards Garden School in Roxbury, Mass. who decided to dismantle the security infrastructure to support a new arts program in the school.   In the past, this school spend 100 thousand dollars on security making the school feel more like a prison than a place where children can learn.  However, Andrew Bott was hired as the sixth new principal, he decided to shake things up by using art as a tool for academic success.  This is a true testament to the power of arts education.