‘Beauty’ Exhibit by Erinn Cosby

Erinn Cosby, daughter of Bill Cosby, is a photographer that travels the world to capture global beauty.  In her most recent exhibit, Beauty, she sought to capture the every day lives of women and children in the Diaspora. Her exhibit is open now in Philadelphia in conjunction with the 29th Annual Celebration of Black Writing and will end by the end of May. Since I am returning to Philadelphia mid-May, I definitely plan to check out her work in person. Here are a few pictures from her exhibit and I will include a couple links to an audio interview with Ms. Cosby and an in depth article about her exhibit.





Kara Walker is a visual artist most known for her life-sized silhouettes of characters that examine America’s history of race and gender. Her work tells the stories of historic characters that seem to come straight out of an antebellum novel. Of course, this is Kara’s intention. Her images display the exchanges of power among racial and gender lines.