Welcome to my blog where you will find random musings and thoughts about how I see the world around me. A little bit about myself—

  • I am a 2013 graduate at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, with a BA in Public Policy and Afro-American Studies. I hope to build a career in the social change sector to improve communities of color. I currently work for an amazing organization–Frontline Solutions.
  • I am a huge advocate for the arts. As a child, I attended a performing arts school where I was exposed to different mediums of expressions and creativity. Over the years, I became a consumer and supporter of art rather than a creator. However, I am now on my journey back to my true love of the arts. I enjoy all forms–dance, theater, music, film, artwork, and now photography. Currently, I write about music on my other site at Music Speaks.
  • I am a Gemini, which means I think too much. If you know anything about Geminis, you probably know that we are very curious people. Gemini is an air sign representing movement and thought. I like to develop creative ideas and analyze everything, which may be good and bad. However, for the sake of this blog, which serves as my sketchbook, ideas and analysis are always good.

Musings of a Gemini is my place to record my thoughts, quotes, poems, music, photographs, as well as images of my own. You will find conversations between art, pop culture, and life in general. You will find my reflections on notions of identity, beauty, and representations of myself and my community.  You will find my own critiques of popular culture and images as well as a celebration for images, words, and art that move me.

So, welcome and thanks for reading!


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