‘Beauty’ Exhibit by Erinn Cosby

Erinn Cosby, daughter of Bill Cosby, is a photographer that travels the world to capture global beauty.  In her most recent exhibit, Beauty, she sought to capture the every day lives of women and children in the Diaspora. Her exhibit is open now in Philadelphia in conjunction with the 29th Annual Celebration of Black Writing and will end by the end of May. Since I am returning to Philadelphia mid-May, I definitely plan to check out her work in person. Here are a few pictures from her exhibit and I will include a couple links to an audio interview with Ms. Cosby and an in depth article about her exhibit.





This story literally made me shed some tears., mainly because I am a huge advocate for arts education.  As a child, I’ve been blessed with attending schools that supported the arts. I lived in a city, Philadelphia, that has a huge hand in music, dance, film, and art. I even attended a performing arts school.  It breaks my heart when I learn that art programs lose funding or school districts stop teaching art classes because I understand the importance of arts education. Kids need more than test prep to become a well rounded student. They also need creative avenues to learn to express themselves and use their imaginations. That’s why I support the principal of Orchards Garden School in Roxbury, Mass. who decided to dismantle the security infrastructure to support a new arts program in the school.   In the past, this school spend 100 thousand dollars on security making the school feel more like a prison than a place where children can learn.  However, Andrew Bott was hired as the sixth new principal, he decided to shake things up by using art as a tool for academic success.  This is a true testament to the power of arts education.


Recently I came across a beautiful digital magazine, Mater Mea, that celebrates the lives of high-profiled women of color who balance motherhood and work.  The magazine uses photography and in depth profiles to create a special narrative of each mother and her children. This is definitely a publication I will support. Check it out.