Inner Self Portrait

Creating an inner self portrait was difficult. How can I portray my inner self fully if I am still trying to find myself? Who am I and what do I represent? I had a numerous different ideas for an inner self portrait. Initially, I wanted to display my spirituality.  Over the last two years my faith has grown tremendously and God has become centered in my life. As I was thinking about ideas for my self portrait, I kept thinking about Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God and Janie’s path to self discovery.  I believe her journey to knowing herself and knowing her Truth was also a direct correlation to her relationship with God.

I am humbled by God in so many different ways each day I take a breathe. Recently, I’ve been humbled by His love for beauty and art. Of course, God is the ultimate creator and author. He created this world. And He also gave gifts and talents to people to create their own beauty. In my mind, I wanted to celebrate God’s love for creation. Somehow I was going to relate this idea back to my inner self portrait, but eventually my idea became to big with the time remaining and I decided to go another route.

My final result was this:



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