Video Director, Bob Harlow Showcases Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club

I enjoy watching music videos that are aesthetically pleasing pieces of cinematography. Bob Harlow directs an award winning short film for Rudimental’s “Feel the Love.”  I love this video for a number of reasons.

1. I immediately recognized that this video was shot in my hometown, Philadelphia. What gave it away? The horses actually.  Many viewers may be surprised to see a horse riding culture in such an urban area. Horses are usually portrayed to be in rural settings or in the West, and not the inner city. As I watched the young men and women parade around their neighborhood with their beautiful horses I was reminded of the horse stables I used to see in my grandmother’s neighborhood in southwest Philly.

2. This leads me to the second reason why I love this video.  Harlow brings to light a culture of urban horse riding that many people did not know about. The video showcases the Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club, which is a historical community that has grown in Philadelphia for 100 years. Urban Riding Club is a non profit organization that aims to provide a positive environment for young people, especially young men, to learn important lessons about discipline, responsibility, and reward. Youth are also given lessons in horse riding and horse care.

3. The last reason why I love this video is due to the countless of photographic moments captured.

Of course, Bob Harlow is not the first to display the urban horse riders of Philadelphia.  The photo stills and video reminds me of work of photojournalist, Ron Tarver:

The Basketball Game by Ron Tarver (1993)

Legends by Ron Tarver (1993)




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